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Stay Positive (Album)

Stay Positive
Square room with bars in blue, green, orange, purple and pink where there are mirrors on the sides and in the center a red text that says Stay Positive
Studio album by ALEX25
Released (Worldwide) Nov 6, 2020
Recording 2020
Genre Electro House - Progressive House
Length 35:20
Producer ALEX25
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The Cygnus Constellation


Stay Positive

Stay Positive is the first studio album by Spanish music producer and disc jockey ALEX25. It was officially released on November 6, 2020, globally.

Stay Positive is ALEX25's longest release to 2020, running 35 minutes and six new songs in a single release. The album contains several professional female singers, which is considered a leap in quality with respect to the publications made up to that moment where the singer was producer ALEX25 himself in most cases.


After the singles Blonde and Smart and The Cygnus Constellation released in 2019, ALEX25 wanted to make a multi-song release. Due to the lockdown decreed in Spain for several weeks in March 2020, the opportunity arose to focus on a new large musical project. ALEX25 worked during the following months to improve fundamental aspects to achieve a higher sound quality in their productions and thus be able to publish projects created a few years before that didn't sound quite right.

After several months of creating the new album Stay Positive, ALEX25 announces for the first time on October 23, 2020, through his YouTube channel the release of his first album in a one-minute video where part of the song Some Noise that would be included in the same album. A week later on October 30, 2020, ALEX25 publishes a video presentation where he himself talks about the release and provides details on the name of several songs, the length of the release, and his impressions.


Due to the negative events that occurred in 2020 where great changes did not stop happening and the world was submerged in a completely different situation than it was usually used to, ALEX25 decided to give the title to their debut album "Stay Positive" as a way to transmit a motivating message, and above all, a positive attitude to the adverse times that were developing.

The idea arose due to the Belgian radio station Versuz Radio which in 2020 was broadcasting various messages including "Stay safe, stay positive", "Stay safe, stay home" or "Stay save, See you soon". Then ALEX25 felt that the motivational message "Stay Positive" fit perfectly with the type of release he was preparing, and that it was a set of musical productions that had the common element of positivity and that had a cheerful air.

Stay Positive has an approach towards the positive mentality, fundamentally in two aspects, on the one hand, the musical production and the use of happy sounds, colored or with songs with a lot of rhythm and energy, among which are the interpretations of the singers with a very festive touch, and on the other hand, the album cover, which was designed with a cheerful, intense and striking coloring, as it can be seen in the different promotional videos of each song using different alive color combinations.


The cover of the album Stay Positive was released a week before the release within the promotional video presented by ALEX25 himself to announce the album, on October 30, 2020. On it, you can read the title of the album in lyrics purple color within a space surrounded on the sides by two mirrors and at the top and bottom six horizontally oriented rectangular prisms along with the artistic name ALEX25 at the top and the circular logo with the alpha letter at the bottom.

The cover is a closed three-dimensional space where each of the prisms is an element with its own light. These rectangular prisms change color and light up on and off in the promo videos for each individual song on the album.

The prisms have the colors yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, and blue and the part of the stage name and the logo are in white, along with a background in blue. This color choice is striking and has bright colors, which is closely related to the album's focus on positivity.


Musically Stay Positive is focused on Progressive House and Electro House genres. The album brings back energetic, solid, and defined songs after the release of the chill-out song The Cygnus Constellation. All songs were produced, mixed, and mastered by ALEX25. The main themes that are covered in the album are positivity, electronic dance music both in its cultural part of the dance and in terms of the music itself, and the need to enjoy life. The edition published on November 6, 2020, contains six original songs.

Stay Positive opens with the song Colorful which is a composition dedicated to the entire chromatic range of color through music and synthesizer sound. The album continues with the song Dance Music Dancers which is a tribute to all those people who enjoy electronic music by dancing to it. The third track is NYNY a song that is about the need to enjoy life and is inspired by New York City with clear musical references in the production. The next track is Space Motion an instrumental composition that deals with motion in zero gravity and is represented by the sound that resulted in the verses of this song. The fifth song on the album is Some Noise a very energetic composition that deals with the sound of white noise used in electronic dance music on a recurring basis, performed by a singer who talks about being a prisoner of the sound itself. Finally, the album closes with Massive Range, a minimalist instrumental song that plays with small variations in the sound and with the intensity of it leading the listener between parts of tension and liberation.


Standard Edition

Stay Positive

No. Title Producer Length
1. "Colorful" ALEX25 6:06
2. "Dance Music Dancers" ALEX25 5:45
3. "NYNY" ALEX25 6:28
4. "Space Motion" ALEX25 5:04
"Some Noise" ALEX25 5:16
6. "Massive Range" ALEX25 6:39
Total length: 35:20



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