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The Cygnus Constellation

The Cygnus Constellation
ALEX25- The Cygnus Constellation (Cover)
Single by ALEX25
Released (Worldwide) October 4th, 2019
Format Streaming and Download
Recording 2019
Genre Chill Out - Piano - EDM
Length 3:26
Author Alejandro Gándara Lago
Producer ALEX25
Singles chronology
"Blonde and Smart"
"The Cygnus Constellation"


The Cygnus Constellation is a calming electronic music song produced by the talented producer ALEX25. With a duration of 3 minutes and 26 seconds, this song will take you on a sound journey through its smooth Chill Out beat with a tempo of 128 BPM and a vibrant tonality in A Major. The song also features elements of natural sounds such as bird song, brook sounds, and the sound of waves, adding a unique and organic layer to the electronic production. Released on October 4th, 2019, The Cygnus Constellation is a masterpiece that combines elements of electronic music with a chill and relaxing touch, creating a unique and unforgettable audio experience. If you're looking for a song that takes you to a state of peace and relaxation, The Cygnus Constellation is the perfect choice for you. Listen to it now here and let yourself be carried away by its celestial atmosphere and the soothing sounds of nature.


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