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Space Motion

Space Motion
Song by ALEX25
from the album Stay Positive
Released (Worldwide) Nov 6, 2020
Format Streaming and download
Recording 2020
Genre Progressive House - Electro House - EDM
Length 5:04 (Original version)
Author Alejandro Gándara Lago
Producer ALEX25
Stay Positive album chronology
"Space Motion"
"Some Noise"

Space Motion is an instrumental song by Spanish producer and disc jockey ALEX25. It was released worldwide on November 6, 2020 and is included in the studio album Stay Positive as the fourth of six songs on it.


Space Motion is a song that deals with the movement that occurs in space, where there is no gravity. The smooth movement without opposing forces that occurs in zero gravity is the main theme and representation that takes place in this instrumental composition.

The title was decided once the song had already been produced in large part, as a way above all to title the musical notes and synthesized sounds that are appreciated in the verses between choruses, which produce a certain sense of separation from the main melody and this free vision of sound is what led ALEX25 to unite the two concepts and capture it in the title.


Belonging to the Progressive House genre, the song has a 4 by 4 measure, is played at a tempo of 128 beats per minute and is composed in the key E minor.


On November 7, 2020, the promotional video was posted on ALEX25's YouTube channel.


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