ALEX25 | DIY Artist. Producer and DJ

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Within electronic dance music or EDM, ALEX25 focuses its musical production and DJ mixes on a specific musical genre: progressive house music.

This genre known as Progressive House or Big Room Progressive includes songs whose rhythms and melodies are progressively developing and that conserves the classic style of house music such as the use of voices, synthesizers, and electronic sounds.

The pulse of this musical genre is around 128 BPM, with a minimum of 125 and a maximum of 135 BPM.

The lyrics of this musical genre usually deal with themes mainly related to love, the night world, and club culture.

It is a musical genre of great energetic content, with pre-choruses that try to increase the expectation to the maximum in the listener to hit the chorus forcefully. Harmony, chords, and its uninterrupted development during the chorus, have a special relevance since it is one of the fundamental keys of the genre. It is also common to use musical elements such as arpeggios and long structures with exclusive intro and coda parts designed to make it easier for DJs to play them in their mixes.

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