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Dance Music Dancers

Dance Music Dancers
Song by ALEX25
from the album Stay Positive
Released (Worldwide) Nov 6, 2020
Format Streaming and download
Recording 2020
Genre Progressive House - Electro House - EDM
Length 5:45 (Original version)
Author Alejandro Gándara Lago
Producer ALEX25
Stay Positive album chronology
"Dance Music Dancers"

Dance Music Dancers is an instrumental song by the Spanish producer and disc jockey ALEX25. It was released worldwide on November 6, 2020, and is included on the studio album Stay Positive as the second of six songs on it.


Dance Music Dancers is an instrumental song about dancers who dance electronic dance music. The song is a tribute to all those people who dance electronic music through dances such as the shuffle or similar styles, and more generally to anyone who dances electronic music in the way that seems most appropriate. This tribute is aimed at all those people who are not afraid of what they will say about them for dancing, to all those who are not afraid of the scrutiny of society and simply dance and enjoy electronic music freely.

Within this category of electronic music dancers, there are also all those who, mainly during the 90s, took part in resistance competitions in which they danced electronic music for hours. The dedication and passion of the participants of those competitions, as of all those people who during the 80s and 90s attended various parties and discos with the intention of simply dancing and having fun with the electronic music of those years, are something admirable. By extension, this recognition with this song, when mentioning them in a general way in the title, also applies to all those who dance electronic music today with the purpose of having fun, be it at festivals, in discos, or through videos on the Internet.


Belonging to the Progressive House genre, the song has a 4 by 4 measure, is composed in the key of E minor, and is played at a tempo of 128 beats per minute.


On November 7, 2020, the promotional video was posted on ALEX25's YouTube channel.


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