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Elise Trouw - How To Get What You Want (ALEX25 Remix)

How to Get What You Want
One photo of the face of artist Elise Trouw and the text of the title How to Get Want You Want and ALEX25 Remix repeated several times on borders
Original song by Elise Trouw
Remixed by ALEX25
Released (Worldwide) February 3, 2023
Format Streaming
Original recording 2020
Genre Progressive House - EDM
Length 3:56
Remix author Alejandro Gándara Lago
Remix Producer ALEX25
Remixes chronology
"Today I Feel Sexy"
"How To Get What You Want"

How to Get What You Want is a remix by Spanish producer and disc jockey ALEX25. It was launched worldwide on February 3, 2023 on YouTube and Soundcloud. The remix is based on the original song 'How to Get What You Want" released in 2020 by Californian artist Elise Trouw.


Belonging to the Progressive House genre, the remix has a 4 by 4 measure, is played at a tempo of 128 beats per minute and is composed in the key of F# major.



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Stay Positive (Album)
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