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Beautiful City Girls (EP)

Beautiful City Girls
Defocused night image where you can see lights in the form of circles of various colors blue and green
Studio EP by ALEX25
Released (Worldwide) April 25, 2016
Recording 2015-2016
Genre Progressive House - EDM
Length 25:00
Producer ALEX25
ALEX25 releases chronology
To Sleep & To Dream


Beautiful City Girls
Encouraged Again


Beautiful City Girls is the first studio EP by Spanish producer and disc jockey ALEX25. It was released worldwide on April 25, 2016.

The release marked a paradigm shift in the type of releases that ALEX25 was carrying out until that moment. Previously he was only releasing singles.

Musically the release also represents a change as it focuses on an instrumental model far from the vocal songs of previous years.


Standard Edition

Beautiful City Girls

No. Title Producer Length
1. "The Last Chance" ALEX25 6:00
2. "A Perfect Night" ALEX25 5:14
3. "With You in Another Universe" ALEX25 5:25
4. "City Lights by Night" ALEX25 4:25
"Beyond Words" ALEX25 4:48
Total length: 25:00



Music by ALEX25
Who is ALEX25
The Last Chance (song)
A Perfect Night (song)
With You in Another Universe (song)
City Lights by Night (song)
Beyond Words (song)

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