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Playlist EDM Year 2021

Triangular shapes up in purple and black with text in the foreground that reads 'EDM Year 2021 Playlist by ALEX25'. This is the cover of the EDM Year 2021 ALEX25 playlist.


EDM Year 2021 is a playlist created by the Spanish producer and disc jockey ALEX25, in which he compiles a selection of the 25 best electronic dance music songs of the year 2021. It is a playlist designed for anyone who wants to enjoy dance music and to know which have been the most outstanding songs of 2021. This playlist contains songs such as "Talamanca" by British producer BURNS, "We Are The People" the song of EURO 2020 produced by Martin Garrix and performed by Bono, as well as ARTY's "Take Your Time" among other songs. The 25 EDM songs that make up this playlist have a total length of 1 hour and 19 minutes.

EDM Year 2021 playlist is available now on the ALEX25 Spotify profile.


  1. NAEMS, ATREOUS & Saksham feat. MRKO - Feel More
  2. Blackcode & 9lives feat. Katie Murphy - High On A Feeling
  3. Oliver Heldens - Zapdos
  4. Blackcode & Aster feat. Heleen - Till The Stars Come Out Again
  5. Martin Eriksson & Robin Aristo - Ain't Here For You
  6. Blasterjaxx & Mariana BO - Dreams (feat. LUISAH)
  7. Jeffrey Sutorius & Timmo Hendriks ft. LUX - The Afterlife
  8. Almero - Falling Into You
  9. RetroVision - Whatever You Want
  10. Never Sleeps (feat. Afrojack, Chico Rose) - You Got The Love
  11. Trilane & Charlie Ray ft. Jordan Grace – In Heaven
  12. Aspyer - The Rest Of Your Life (feat. Karin Park)
  13. KAAZE & Jay Mason - On My Way
  14. Timmo Hendriks ft. Jordan Grace - Memories
  15. Wiwek - Oolala
  16. Zafrir - Warfare
  17. Nicky Romero & Timmo Hendriks ft. David Shane - Into The Light
  18. MAdTing - Save Me
  19. Embody & Sondr - Raise The Roof feat. Bryn Christopher
  20. Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge - We Are The People (Martin Garrix Remix)
  21. BURNS - Talamanca
  22. Redfield - Rectify
  23. Maurice Lessing - Save Us
  24. Keanu Silva - Do Or Die
  25. ARTY - Take Your Time

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