ALEX25 | DIY Artist. Producer and DJ

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The new of ALEX25 is called Open Your Mind, the vocal version of OPEN.

This a new version of OPEN (the instrumental song published last summer) will be released under the title Open Your Mind. It was in when the first single by the Spanish music producer and DJ was released.

Although the date of its premiere is not yet known, it is known that this version called Open Your Mind will arrive, this time with lyrics and that it will have the collaboration of the singer Andrea Iglesias.

The goal with this song according to ALEX25 is to convey the idea that "if we don't close ourselves mentally, anything is possible, as long as one fights for it". The song also contains large doses of positivity where it talks about feeling better, letting go of obsessions and enjoying life.

For this work, the Austrian label Housevisions Records will handle its release so it is expected to be available in major music platforms like Spotify, iTunes or Beatport day of the premiere, yet to be confirmed.

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